Week 3 on the journey – It really works!

Week 3 on the journey – It really works!

I must say, It’s a miracle!

I persist despite of the difficulty: Hannel ‘s book is difficult to read and understand in English,  that is not my native speaking language. I read and translated into Hebrew, using a dictionary, to understand the words and their context. Not always I understand… Every Day – I understand a little bit more!

The first scroll of Og Mandino, I had translated on the first two days of the course, and I read happily and quickly…

The tasks have become a routine, and even when I’m tired, I’m not giving up! My dear spouse is studying the course with me, and sometimes when he’s tired and fell asleep before completing the tasks, I say to him parts from Og Mandino’s scroll: you’ve promised yourself not to stop reading the scrolls, a day that has passed will not return, you cannot replace it with another… The words have become part of the conscious, and had penetrated to the subconscious.

When a member of the family is doing something that is defined as a bad habit, I ask him to fix it to a good habit. This is one of the gifts I received from Og Mandino! Every action made is tested whether it is a good habit or bad. We discuss the situation, draw conclusions and act accordingly.

The task written on the cards are made! Like a miracle, stacks of notes and paperwork that I have long been waiting to be thrown away – begin to disappear… and the house begins to be organized! Thanks for that!

The chore cards are something brilliant! Every week I wear a colored wristband for reminding me the job!  This week I wore a bracelet with red beads 🙂

my read bead bracelet

My favorite part on my daily discipline of the tasks is reading my DMP. I enjoy it a lot! After I chose the appropriate PPN, I understand and feel what motivates me and why! It became obvious to me that I achieve my goals! I decorated the DMP with inspirational photos I found online, and when I read the text, and looking at the pictures, I am inside my big picture! I live it and feel it! I add some inspirational pictures for your enjoyment!

Wish you a fascinating Weekend and a lot of fun, Daliya.

The house with the pool                          The northern lights and an igloo  The hose with the pool I have in my DMP                 My trip to the northern pole, the                                                                                                       northern lights, visiting an Igloo

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5 Responses to Week 3 on the journey – It really works!

  1. dgutmann2013 says:

    I like your dream, can I go with you?

  2. I am impressed…you also translate everything into Hebrew before fully comprehending the message of the readings. You probably already know that there are a lot of good translation software out there that help with that. What a great idea about the bracelets for our chores,and pictures for our DMP. Do you mind if I use that, too?

  3. cindydizio says:

    I am also impressed Daliya that you have the added task of translation… You have grasped the teachings however and gone above and beyond including the beautiful pictures in your blog and DMP and I also love the idea of wearing beads to remind you of the promises you’ve made! You are very creative! I’m happy to be ‘linked’ to you and look forward to your insights! Mahalo!!

  4. daliyam says:

    Hi Cyndria! Thank you for your comment 🙂
    I’ve tried using Google translit, but… the words don’t make sense together. So I improving my English!
    About the bracelet and pictures – be my guest and use my idea, I’m glad to be an inspiration for you!
    I love it when I bring a true value to other people!

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