Week 5 – The Growth Appears In Many Aspects In My Life!

Hello there !

Time passes so quickly, and the fifth week has ended! Experiences of the changes are flowing through my veins! Not always I get to do everything I wanted, but it just pushes me to do more, and faster! If the weekend approaches and I’ve not accomplished mission on the service card yet, it makes me stop, look, repair, operate, so I can be accurate in performing the things I had planned on next week!

This program is stronger than any other program I did! If something is not done as I planned, I feel pain in my body! That’s a sign that I have a burning desire to change!

There are plenty of reading material, all in English, and we speak Hebrew … So the scrolls of Og Mandino I translate, each in turn . On Thursday evening, immediately after I finished reading the last time the first scroll, I’ve translated half the second scroll, and the next morning I translated the rest, so that in the morning I had a scroll in Hebrew to read. Because this program I’m doing with my spouse, I’m thinking about him too, having a comfortable reading!

Rest of the material remains in English, because there is not enough time to deal with all … English is improving! Thanks!

Members of my business in network marketing, have noticed the change in me, and asked me to teach them. So I make with them a part way , what can be found as a free stuff online , or in books available in Hebrew: they read “Think and Grow Rich”, the Blue-Print Builder, the scrolls of Og Mandino as recommended, and meditate by the provisions of Hannel, his book is free online, and who chooses to, can get one chapter once a week, if they’re registered to the list.

It’s fun to be a model of inspiration! Thank you Mark, for bringing this gift to my life, and through me – to the lives of more people!

The picture you see here is a magnetic vision wall in my bedroom: size 120X180 cm, at the middle you can see a panel with the tasks of the program: Daily Discipline Done Daily Builds Character of the MKMMA, and around it there are relevant images to my dream, pressed with magnets.

Wish you a wonderful weekend, with love.

IMG-20131102-WA0001 IMG-20131102-WA0000

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6 Responses to Week 5 – The Growth Appears In Many Aspects In My Life!

  1. cindydizio says:

    Hi Daliya! I wanted to visit your blog because you inspire me to be better than I am and to do better than I do!…. I hope you don’t mind if I continue to stay informed of your ‘Hero’s journey’… because you are on such a journey and you are the hero! Thank you for your commitment to YOU in order to make our world a better place!

  2. chuc West says:

    Wow, nice wall and very impressive

  3. your determination and discipline is admirable. stay the course and you will receive.

    • daliyam says:

      Hi Drew! Thank you! It is a new habit for me, to be so determined! I’ve just decided… though I’ve decided many times to do all kind of things and I didn’t do it… something new is happening to me! It is a blessing!

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