week no. 6 on my journey to my greater good – Sowing seeds

Hello there !                    שדה מוגדל

It’s Friday, and the week has ended. Anyone believes? Time flies by.

The tasks are mounting… And as I said last week, I’m not enough to keep track of tasks. So, still I have not read Emerson’s essay , which is in English, and not a simple English. I’m not giving up on you, Emerson, I’ll read your essay!

This week – we have the pages with colord shapes, and a new task, a poster, and writing the press release …

I have not reached it yet. Mark – please Stop the world, and do not let me fall ! !

Let’s do a week of respite to catch up !

However, amazing things happen !

My network started to grow ! Interesting and appropriate people are finding me! Potential partners for my business !

And more amazing is that the network of the business in Israel, all my crossliners seek to learn from me ! All attest to my quantum leap , and it happened after only a month and a half of working with this fascinating program !

I ran a session about the elephant and the ant ! I’ve started teaching effectiveness by reading Og Mandino’s scrolls , reading blue-print builder formula , and creating cards ! Today we had a webcast, and taught how to act effectively , with few tools I can release from what I have learned. I guide the head of the network , and she guides the other people . We are making waves !

We all thank you , Mark ! You have many fans in Israel ! You are creating a massive change here!

God bless you all! We can be do and have anything we want!

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8 Responses to week no. 6 on my journey to my greater good – Sowing seeds

  1. Dave Wearmouth (@MKMMAwrenchman1) says:

    Daliya – you are fantastic. Even though you are having some trouble with ‘old’ English, you have already learned enough to teach others – successfully!! Wow !! Tremendous. Incredible !! Congratulations, Daliya. You are actually a long way ahead of me….!!

    • daliyam says:

      Dave, Thanks! You know, the greatest way to learn – is to teach, and it happened without intention… people have seen my growth and asked me for help… and the rest is history…
      And, it’s one of my PPN – recognition for creative expression, so I enjoy it a lot! have a wonderful day!

  2. Dan Higley says:

    Keep up the great work Daliya . Your efforts are definitely paying off. It is inspirational to read of your growth and successes so far. I admire your attitude toward reading Emerson. I know I often struggle with it and English is my primary language. Thanks so much for sharing what is going on in your life and in the MKMMA course.

  3. daliyam says:

    Hi Dan! Thank you for your words! my English gets better… That’s a great reward 🙂

  4. daw2621 says:

    Hi Dailyam from Houston TX. Emerson can be a challenge but rewarding. Good to hear you are making progress in your biz. Keep doing the exercises!

  5. ketter1 says:

    Thank you for sharing your successes as they inspire all of us. I read your press release and enjoyed the vision of your future, too.

  6. Charlie says:

    Thanks for sharing your challenges and your perseverance! I’m inspired watching you keeping on the path.

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