Week Seven – persevere despite the obstacles! Triumph of the human spirit!

 Hello readers and followers!

The seventh week has been finished, there are so many insights from the way!

I learned that even though I am a hero, I’m human 🙂 I realized I do not have enough time to accomplish tasks, meaning – I haven’t done my oats as needed! The poster is still not done. The shapes – I downloaded and arranged only this week. To the last webcast, because of the problem, I’ve listened only this weekend, and thus missed important things…  and still I haven’t recorded the DMP…

And the most difficult for my mind – I haven’t completed all the tasks I wrote on my cards, although I know the law of 4:13 … If you write – you must do! Habit is important! 

But!!  In the past I would be discouraged and may quit. Now I know, there is no way it would happen. I continue! There are no perfect people, and we all have faults; and how can we succeed if we leave? This is exactly what I wrote on my press release! The way is important! And I fix my faults by: “Stop-look-fix-act!” 

So I learned to forgive myself, and I’m paying attention to the gal in the glass, and to love me.

Although it is hard to keep on going under pressure, I work at two jobs and work on MLM as well, Still, I know I’m an inspiration to so many people. A person who is an inspiration is a sun! And he could not stop to shine, just because it is difficult for him.

Today I lead a group of about 10 people to change their lives through the scrolls and insights from the mastermind course! I’m growing and growing! I grow wings! And the Law of Attraction brings to my life a lot of presents and gifts!  For example, the company I work with invites the qualified networkers to a masquerade ball called “The Black Tie Event “ at the end of February. I’m working on my qualification. This week, my sister’s grandchild, a five years girl, invited me to play with her at a masquerade ball, and brought beautiful masks! 

2013-11-17 11.11.54

And another surprise – the company I work with, generates a trip to the Amazon. And guess what! On my DMP I wrote that Im travelling at the Amazon! It was my dream since I was a 9 years girl! Amazing!

All this makes me carry on! I persist and keep on going! Yesterday I printed pictures. Today I’m going to make a poster . In the coming days I will record my DMP.

And about the tasks that I didn’t accomplish – they went back to cards, I’ve reduced them to fit my ability. And now, when I look at colored forms, I’m not experiencing a failure. I’m feeling forgiveness, compassion, love, and triumph of the human spirit 

Good week everyone!!

With much love, Daliya

2013-11-16 18.50.56

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10 Responses to Week Seven – persevere despite the obstacles! Triumph of the human spirit!

  1. Jim says:

    As Sir Winston Churchill pointed out… “Never, ever ever ever ever give up.”

    I have faith in you!

  2. daliyam says:

    Jim! Thank you so much! It is very helpful to meet and listen to others, who think alike 🙂
    See you!

  3. Its great that you push on through the busy days and the distractions that are in your live but the universe and its laws are rewarding you ,thats huge! You deserve the greatness within you hold on more is on the way!

  4. I truly enjoyed your post. It is so wonderful to have others with which to share this experience. I love watching everyone’s progress and hearing their truthfulness when struggling. We are all progressing no matter the pace at which we travel! On we go!

  5. The forgiveness and willingness to get yourself back on course is beautiful. Never give up, especially when the Law of Attraction is just beginning to manifest itself in your favor. You are doing a great job! Shine On!

  6. Wow…I can so relate and very much appreciate your honesty and candor. It is true, I like you, am committed to pressing on. I’ve blocked out today to catch up on those lagging tasks. There is so much to be said about persistence and integrity. You have them both and great, GREAT things are just ahead. Keep believing…and so will I!!

    • daliyam says:

      Hi Celeste!
      I was so happy to receive your comment… I’m not alone in the process of chasing after homework…
      It’s challenging, and yet, it’s fun! I enjoy the way so much! I hope you do well and catch everything
      you’ve missed.
      See you!

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