week 8 – Live by the compass!!

Live by the compass! מצפן3

What a tremendous change I’ve experienced lately! I’ve got signs from the universe that the Law of Attraction works for me, I’ve already told you last week about things that had happened, and this week the signs continued to appear! And were visible!


There is a group of friends who saw the change I’m going through. The members wanted to know what I’m doing, and asked me for information. Now I’m leading them (only with scrolls of Og Mandino and the meditation of Hannel). It’s clear to me I am willing to join as an affiliate of Mark Israel! I love the process, and I can see results, even only with the scrolls!

Giving without expectation of compensation is something very powerful!

The Second scroll of Og Mandino is a way of life, when love is the key to all success! Even if we have all the skills and knowledge in the world, we will not succeed without Unconditional Love!


The Scroll, The mental diet and the whole process makes me a better person. I am more aware of giving and more considerate with every human being!

As Mandino said: “I will love all manners of men, for each has qualities to be admired, even though they be hidden. With love I will tear down the wall of suspicion and hate which they have built round their hearts and in its place will I build bridges, so that my love may enter their souls”.


I love people, and come with love and peace. Yet, the whole process more sharpens the idea, that every person has his beauty, and every person has the qualities we can appreciate!

I greet this day with love in my heart, and so I do every single day!

In recent days I find myself singing “live by the compass”, according to the tune of “We Are the Champions” (of Queen)! It makes a difference!

I told you I’m a little behind because English is my second language, but I do not let it hinder me!

This week I made the dream board, you will see it on a separate page (written in Hebrew, but who cares, Photo speaks more than 1000 words …)

Every day I start again, every day I pledge anew, and every day I’m getting closer to my higher self, and to the fulfillment of my dreams!

May we all be blessed with love!

לוח חלומות

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10 Responses to week 8 – Live by the compass!!

  1. You are a beautiful example of love to all of us. Thanks for your loving post. It is an inspiration!

  2. You are a blessing to us. Sharing your love and willingness to grow no matter what the circumstance (English not being your first language). Keep your light shining!

  3. daliyam says:

    Hi, Thanks. My reward among all…is improving my English!
    Although I find it a little difficult, My subby learns persistence and keeping on! Thanks for your words!

  4. edschwalm says:

    I think its great as you explained that your friends noticed the difference !Keep the love out there and in there!

    • daliyam says:

      Hi,Thank you, it’s awesome to hear from friends about my growth, you know, “The fish can not see the aquarium he swims in”. So do we! we need the reflection of our surroundings…

  5. CIndy DiZio says:

    Hi Daliya!!
    I’ve stopped by to say Hello!! and I so love reading your posts and how you are spreading the love that we are learning to grow and share…unconditionally!!
    and I LOVE your ‘live by the compass’ to “we are the champions”…I may use that, if you don’t mind!! ( when I was typing this…I actually did a typo and wrote ‘love’ by the compass…maybe it wasn’t a typo, but a golden nugget…to love with intention…that is my direction..to love!!)
    Again…you lift my heart! You are an inspiration!!

    • daliyam says:

      Hi Cindy! Thank you for stopping by, It’s time for Coffey, I’m waiting for you…
      I wish it was that easy! but, it will happen! I’ve noticed lately that I become a wizard, Harry Potter… I ask and itws given, in many places in my life, lately.
      You know, my PPN’s are Liberty, and Recognition to a creative expression… I’m creative… So you can sing all day lon “live by the compass” with the tune of “we are the champions”, I think it’s great, It reminds me the two things together… compass + championship… Thoughts that fire together, wire together!
      Have a nice weekend, dear!

  6. Really “enjoyed” reading your post beyond the words. It is your spirit that shines through (somehow)… Thanks for sharing your board with us as well. Awesome. Keep sharing and keep loving!! Until next time…keep believing.

  7. daliyam says:

    Hi! Thank you, it’s mutual… I enjoyed so much your post, and the music! after I’ve heard it in your blog, I found the song on Google, and sent it to a few friends, who had a birthday last week. They were all thrilled from the beautiful song! Keep giving!
    On my way to read your next post!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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