Week 9 on my journey: The wonderful bridge, and the connection to the hero’s journey

Nine weeks went by so fast! Every week I write it again, and every week I’m amazed again with this insight!

גשר לשמים

I’m an Occupational Therapist in my profession. I work with children who have learning disorders, and I can see the children who work more with the details, but don’t see the whole, and the children who catch the template, but finds it difficult to pay attention to details. I learned about that bridge, the corpus callosum, which helps our brain to work as one unit. No right brain and left brain. There is one brain! And as the bridge is stronger, the brain functions more efficiently!

How great is, that now I’ve learned about myself through this week’s lesson, how to make the bridge stronger, by combining the seven intelligences, the seven ways to learn. By that we can increase the transference of information from one hemisphere to another, make it quicker, and influence the subby… and it works! I took this information to my professional life!

The bridge in the brain is analog to the bridge the faith: The more I see miracles in my life, the more my bridge of belief widens.  It widens in my ability to produce a change in the process, and in my ability to lead change in others.

There is a saying – “the sky is the limit”. I say, the sky is just the sky , and we are the ones who put the border !

The process we go through the MKMMA course is a fascinating process, and every day I have new insights, every day I see something new!

Last week we celebrated Hanukkah, and I wasn’t here to upload my blog. Hanukkah is the festival of lights, that are getting bigger and bigger, growing and glowing. I feel that I am becoming a light for others, in the process of the course, Especially, when I see my DMP as a service to others. I’m happy to be here again!

Have a wonderful week !

2013-12-04 23.11.15

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2 Responses to Week 9 on my journey: The wonderful bridge, and the connection to the hero’s journey

  1. I love the sentence you put in this blog post, “The more I see miracles in my life, the more my bridge of belief widens.” The bridge of beliefs…nice phrase. It is indeed a wonderfully revealing process we are in. Keep pressing forward.

  2. daliyam says:

    Hi Celeste! Thanks. I will persist, and keep pressing! As Og says:”So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist. For now I know one of the
    greatest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win.
    I will persist. I will win”.
    Wish you a winning life! and a beautiful day!

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