Week 10: Combinations , Affirmations, and the third scroll Og Mandino

Week 10:  Combinations , Affirmations, and  the third scroll Og Mandino

It happens, that we experience sometimes decrease in the energy … Occasionally we are all tired physically or mentally.

But not all of us know that this is a reversible condition, and should be rapidly reversed, so ut won’t hurt our ability and our right to live a full life.

We attract into our lives every situation. we own 100% responsibility for how we live, what we feel and what we are in possession .

I’ve learned how to make the impossible possible, using very sophisticated patent, which helps to generate and increase energy. It helps doing what Og Mandino talked about in his second scroll, which is greeting each new day with love/ Not always that easy…  But it’s certainly possible!

How can it be done? Simple! By low of substitution! With one short and ingenious sentence, presented in Chapter 9 of the Charles Hannel’s book , The Master Key:

 “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

I made a bookmark with this phrase. I chose one picture that reflects my PPN (Liberty, I chose a picture of the North Pole with the northern lights) and I wrote the affirmation on the picture.(Here you can see it in Hebrew).

סימניה מאפירמציה

I’ve made several copies it, for male and for female (In Hebrew there is a difference), I glued a magnet to it, and put on the refrigerator and the entrance door.

I taught people who are dear to me to use this affirmation whenever they have difficulty or have low energy.


The Third Scroll

This week we’ve started reading the third scroll of Og Mandino . What a fantastic scroll!

When I started reading it, I’ve found out that I’m already using only positive words! I fell the burning desire to succeed! And I’m already teaching this!

The compounding effect is so amazing, all the combinations make sense!

I read every day the giving card, and every day I make sure to greet, to give a compliment or a gift. It’s uplifting! The Mental Diet takes out negative thinking! – Frequency up! Second scroll made ​​me do what is written in the card giving! The third scroll reinforces the confidence! Everything works together in perfect harmony.

I enjoy the journey! I am improving constantly what I do, and have all the time new insights! I found that one of the goals I wrote on DMP is not my goal, and I do not want it! I felt it, when suddenly I had no desire to read the DMP. After I revised the DMP I recorded it with the song “My favorite things“,  from the Sound of Music . I am so delighted to listen to it!

The process of self-exploration is a very powerful to me. Discover so many things in well doing, and Shamai also the making ! We must be aware of everything that happens to us, we need to be spectators!

Enjoy the journey!



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