Week 12 – A new habit is formed physically in the brain!

Week 12 – A new habit is formed physically in the brain!

There’s evidence for the necessity of being in a process!

Just two months ago, that now seem to be much more than that, we started a process. We began to read, write and say things out loud. Every time we added something else.

We learned that as the information goes through more channels, so it will be more solid, more present, and additional paths will be developed for the passage of information between the two parts of the brain, so that over time , the information will move faster.

The novelty of this week is that when we say something new to a person, who is not used for this type of information, the information seems fanciful or far-fetched, the person would not believe us. And why wouldn’t he? That’s because he still lacks an appropriate cell in the brain to absorb the information! Therefore, the person should be in a process. We are not to “cast ” him something he is not ready for. Meanwhile the process of developing new channels for the passage of information occurs, the information becomes known gradually, and gains the appropriate cells to pass through.

At chapter 12 of the Master Key, Charles Hannel says:

” You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do. “If you concentrate upon the thoughts given, if you give them your entire attention, you will find a world of meaning in each sentence, and will attract to yourself other thoughts in harmony with them, and you will soon grasp the full significance of the vital knowledge upon which you are concentrating”.

That is, we must go through three stages to be able to apply knowledge:

1. Know our power, That is – what we are capable to do.

images (12)

2. Have or develop the Courage to dare.

download (5)

3. Have or develop the Faith to do.

images (14)

We must focus on positive thinking, to attract into our lives more thoughts that are in harmony with those thoughts.

images (3)

“Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose”.

The power of focus :

When we concentrate on a particular thought, and we all know that thought is energy, which operates in the field of the universal energy, we make it grow. It brings more thoughts. High frequency energy becomes matter. This is similar to a thread, that at the end of it connected a stone. If we spin the stone slowly, we can put our hand in and out while rotating, before we got hit. If we spin faster, the rock will blow our hand. When the energy is in high frequency – it becomes a solid, it becomes material , and so we attract into our lives the material which we need in this world.

What happens if we are scattered instead of being targeted? We waste a lot of energy , which is material.

Hannel gives an example of the sculpture, That begins to work with marble on his statue, but every few minutes repent and changes his mind. Will he be able to complete his art? No! He will accomplish nothing!

Michael Angelo was very focused his time at sculpting David. If he had said: I don’t want to continue now with David , I now sculpts Moses, and changes his mind every now and then, we would not consider his masterpiece today.

If so, this week I sharpened furthermore the means of focusing!

images (8)

This week I decided to start over.

The old blue-print had raised his head occasionally, so I didn’t perform the tasks properly. Instead of implementing new and good habits , I let the old habits to come in.

After the last webcast, and after I said during 50 minutes to myself in mirror the sentence that encapsulates my DMP, I decided to start the process properly. From where I am, I’m not going back to the first scroll … I promise to read the scrolls of Og Mandino three times a day as instructed. Read the blue-print builder properly! Read the chapters of the Master Key every day and sit 15 minutes as instructed! I promise to write my cards again, and do what it say! Because when I do not do what it say, and continues to read the cards, the sub – conscious does not believe me. And when he does not believe he is building Blue – Print of the lack of success. All is changes now!

We are in the middle of the course, and it’s time to do it right!

A little story about the Low of Attraction: when I decided to make these decisions, a good friend of mine had called me and requests to be her buddy… and so I have a partner to mastermind with. (Remember? Israel? Hebrew…? I can mastermind in English, of course, but it’s much better in my own language).

The universe responds positively to all our requests. That’s why we should seek for the good and right things for us!

The universe is a benevolent place. All we need to do is ask. Applications become commands in our sub ​​- conscious mind, and fulfillment appears, sometimes – immediately, as happened to me with my friend!

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9 Responses to Week 12 – A new habit is formed physically in the brain!

  1. Luc says:

    Wow, excellent! Again the power of deciding is visible in your case, it is always good to be reminded these mechanisms with real life examples. Thank you Daliya.

  2. Great that you found a partner to help you mastermind in Hebrew. The power of asking is crucial. As one of my business colleagues states “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no”.

  3. A very helpful blog….Thanks

  4. masterkeydlw says:

    Persistence is very important, you clarified that very well in your blog. Good reminders.

  5. cindydizio says:

    Hello Daliya! I wanted to visit !! and I love your blog! You are always an inspiration…..I have had difficulty staying on track lately as well…Your decision to re commit to the exercises are a matter of fact and I need to do the same.. . with my whole family at home for vacation..I have let the distraction of their presence interfere with my commitment to the exercises… Thank you for your example! and congratulations on finding a partner who shares your language! The universe is responding!!

    • daliyam says:

      Hi Cindy!!
      Thanks for your visit… Wish it will be physically, face to face!
      I encourage you to overcome! It’s not easy, yet it is possible! See you on board!
      Going now to translate Mandino 4 to Hebrew…
      Have a Happy New Year!!!

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