Week 16 – KINDNESS

Week 16 marked with Franklin’s makeover



Franklin’s makeover is what I needed, and it arrived in time into my life.

Most people around me start things, get excited, and then, stop. I’ve noticed that tendency in me, and I’ve decided to be different.

I Know I’m a constant person, and I’m always on the way toward my goals, but, like my surroundings, I do only a part. That habit I have to defeat.

What I was missing, is self-discipline. I needed to approve it. When I met Franklin’s makeover, my first focus, of course was on self-discipline.


After a week of focusing on self-discipline, and paying attention on people that have a strong power of will and self discipline, who have reached impressive results in their lives, I’m being self-discipline for one thing, which I had a hard slog: Now I get up at 5:00 a.m , devoting the time to read Og’s scroll and other tasks, and go for a walk + running (a bit running, a lot of walk. I increase running every day). I announced this change to friends and I promised to post on Facebook every day the listing of iPhone’s app (Sports Tracker). I am doing it for the last week, since Monday, it’s 5 days already!

The Makeover sharpened my knowledge about me, and showed me the same features that made me stay away from my mission. My self-discipline was put to a test last week, and it was also shown at the task of marking the points in the table. It’s my Achilles-heel, my self-discipline!

My partial discipline led to the appearance of my Old Blue Print, and as a result caused me not to do the tasks properly. Since I know it’s never too late, I focused on looking people with good and clear self-discipline, to increase this feature in me.

This was the week of kindness. It was easier for me to notice kindness, and to become more kind to my surrounding. I did deliberately something kind every day.

At the end of this week something extraordinary had happened:

I’m an Occupational Therapist. On Friday (yesterday) I’ve got to my professional mail a message, saying that a new law was passed, allowing children and adults with invisible disabilities (such as autism, mental retardation, mental disorders) to not wait in line. They receive a special card, indicating their eligibility for not stand in line. This allows these children to benefit from them activities that require a long waiting, such as amusement park facilities, where the waiting line is long and tedious. This allows families that have hard time in going out with their children, for the kids don’t have the patience to wait in line, because of their disability. Thus they can enjoy more. It is the highlight of kindness I experienced this week.

I celebrate this week with love 🙂


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3 Responses to Week 16 – KINDNESS

  1. Such a lovely post! Thank you so much for sharing. I love all the images you have to go along with your reflective story!

  2. aspiringaida says:

    Hi Daliya, I know what you mean by The Old Bluey slipping in. I have an issue with procrastination and not utilizing my time to the max. I thank your for the discipline and encouragements.

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