Week 17 on my hero’s journey: seeds begin to germinate

Week 17 – Seeds begin to germinate!

The results are here! On the long way we move along, I learned to look at what is, what is important to me and my loved ones, and what promotes me.

That’s true that the road is long and winding; I’ve had small breaks in the middle, and my performance is far from being perfect. There are times that I did not read the scrolls of Og Mandino in the right manner, and did not read the DMP properly. I do not always shout out loud “I can be what I will to be…”

However – my brain is focused. It’s aiming for success and change. I do not let up, and hence, the results are here. I think, what results I would get if I did everything as it should be!

I’m happy about the road I am walking through, very happy of what I achieved, and I know: it’s a journey. I can do tomorrow what I did not do today. And what I did today brings me to a better tomorrow! So, I do not ask questions, and I don’t preach myself. I just continue, and increase the ability and pace, Piecemeal.

I noticed that when I load myself I do not enjoy, and don’t do my job. It is therefore important, to progress in the rate at which also we can see the result, and enjoy. It helps to acquire a habit.

This week I started reading the wonderful book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, and realized much of what wrote Og Mandino and Charles Chaanel .


This week I opened a business Facebook page for my new business, called “Toward the plus”, which deals with change of habits for economic effectiveness. I express my PPN of the recognition of creative expression. I am so enjoying!

I am currently developing a training workshop to change habits, and increasing economic prosperity. It’s creative, and it also meets my second PPN, which is financial freedom.

My conclusion of the process so far: We need to believe, be in focus, And wanting very much.

Do what is necessary, because without doing, there is no results, but the doing comes from inspiration, and the inspiration comes from the process. So I call on all those who despaired of the way, be consistent! The cement gradually gets off, and the gold starts to shine! And the more it sparkles, the more the enthusiasm grows, and we do more!

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6 Responses to Week 17 on my hero’s journey: seeds begin to germinate

  1. I admire your courage in this blog. And great insight too.

    • daliyam says:

      Hi Davene!Thank you For your response! It means so much for me 🙂
      After the last webcast I’ve started to question the rest of the course for me, because of what Mark had said…
      That if we don’t do the whole work, we should go… But I’m not a quitter, and I appreciate your words!
      Thank you so much!

  2. aspiringaida says:

    You have voiced some of my thoughts and I take your advice, to heart.

  3. seaneagle says:

    Daliyam, good for you for being so honest with yourself. At one point I was standing where you are right now..and I found I could have/should have stretched myself further..that I would not break..based on the fact you opened up here and showed great courage in sharing your feelings..I bet you will find the same, that you are so strong. Continued success to you.

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