Week 17a: My own hero’s journey!

Week 17a:  My own hero’s journey!

זה שאתה נושם לא אומר שאתה חי

We are all on a journey of growth. There are those who choose their lives, and are in control of what they let in – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and those who live without intention.

There is a nice saying: “Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive”. This statement is so correct for most people. Life happens to them in coincidence. They have no control or idea of ​​what is happening in their lives, and what the future would bring.

I sometimes want to set up a meeting with people, and my schedule is full two weeks ahead. I want to set for three weeks, but, the answer I get – its way too long, I do not know what will happen until then… So I have a surprise for those people: You determine what will be in three weeks. If you write yourself in the diary that you have an appointment with me, so be it . And this is just one small and simplistic example.

People hear an inner voice calling them. They may feel lack of comfort, something has changed in their lives, and they want something else, or more. Most people, who hear this, do not do anything, because they think they have no chance. They do not have dreams, or they think they cannot fulfill their dream. They do not dare to continue searching.

If you ask them, what they want more in their lives, they will tell what they do not want their lives. The awareness to what is desirable in their lives is not there.

I was there too. I saw what I did not want. I was not satisfied. I felt I was living near life and not the life. I did not like that feeling. But unlike other people around me at the time, ten years ago, I was looking for solutions.

Then I began an incredible journey, that its peak is now, on these very days, with my meeting with Go 90 Grow, MKMMA, and all the personal and physical changes I’m going through these days.

Ten years ago I met Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I met for the first time the business world and I learned personal and business coaching. In truth, not much has changed in my life. I continued to stay in my comfort zone. But something happened, my mind began to think positive. I started my journey in the business world, I began to conduct Robert Kiyosaki’s game “Cashflow” , and I started to grow also spiritually. I did not know what the hero’s journey is, but I experienced it.  I’ve experienced the gatekeepers, the herald, the assistants and the mentor. Because I was premature, my mentors and helpers adapted the heroine I was then. In recent years the heroine in me grows up, my environment has changed, my goals have changed, and especially my belief in myself has changed! Today my mentors are Multimillionaires, winners, and my assistants think like me, do as I do, and in the same community with me. This incredible journey made ​​possible only thanks to perseverance and dedication.

Peace be the journey!

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3 Responses to Week 17a: My own hero’s journey!

  1. seaneagle says:

    I think you saved the best for last: perseverance! I believe it is the one quality we all need to stay on the path as we create our new realities..thanks for the reminder!

  2. So much has changed and you get to determine what changes you want in your life! You saved the best for last!

  3. aspiringaida says:

    I to want to yell to the world, Wake Up & LIVE!! This is also a book by Dorothea Brande.

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