Week 18 – The Hero’s Journey and Og’s fifth scroll !

Week 18 – Me and the fifth scroll!


Og Mandino’s fifth scroll is with us for the last week. I enjoy very much reading this scroll every day. It’s always correct. Our bar of life is shortening. If we don’t draw the best out of it, time will come when we can not to choose, to do what we want, or to get improved.

The journey we are going through with the Master Key is designed to make us better people, who enjoy life more. The journey has made me more aware of my contribution to myself and to others.

I am living this day as if it is my last day. This day is precious, so I live it to the fullest I can!

Each one gives his interpretation to what it means of “live life to the fullest.” For me it means to enjoy more, more of the time. For me to live the life means to contribute, and to be significant in the lives of some people. To know I was here, in this world and helped, and made a difference. It makes me want to be more, so I can give more.

There was a time when I felt loaded, and moved away from some of the tasks I had to accomplish in the course. But these tasks are my life. This is the way to grow, and become more. This is the way to be significant for people. If I feel a load now, that life that I want is not suitable for me… and that – I will not accept !! Therefore, the fifth scroll is so correct and supportive. I cannot live the life of yesterday, and correct the mistakes of yesterday. But I can today be better than yesterday. Therefore, meaningful life is living full life at this moment. Every moment in life, we can make the choice to be better than we were until this moment.

It took me diligently back to all tasks and services, offered in our course. The course is full of blessing that makes me happy, simply by the choice I made to be!

It becomes easy when you think about it easily and simply.

I will not waste a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s heartache, cause I will not throw the good after the bad!

I’m glad to be here with all the action. My choice to be and to do, attracted to my life new possibilities, new community, new opportunities.

Enjoying life is giving and receiving, the feeling of flow and harmony, participation, and the daily sensation of victory over myself, to be good than I was yesterday.

Happy week to all readers !

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4 Responses to Week 18 – The Hero’s Journey and Og’s fifth scroll !

  1. cindydizio says:

    Daliya…I love your interpretation of the 5th scroll!! You saw it as a challenge that you faced with joy and you came out better for it on the other side!! You are such an inspiration to me!! I didn’t reflect on it so positively…. for if I were living each day as if it were my last, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing with me going to work each day while my daughters go off to school each day.. I will look again at your words and see the wisdom that you uncovered so beautifully!! Perhaps having to translate each scroll into your own language…you are able to interpret and understand the message of the words on a whole other level!! Thank you for your wisdom and your light that you shine so brightly!! I am happy …. so happy to connect with you again!! I had an empty slot this week in my blog roll… I saw that you did too… so I took it!!

    • daliyam says:

      Cindy! Good to see you, and have your comment! It warms my heart 🙂 I think that you”re right! translating the content pushes me to understand more! This scroll is very special, as well as the understanding the bar of life… Live every day to the fullest! Love, Daliya.

  2. seaneagle says:

    I also enjoyed how you took the scroll’s message as a challenge to better yourself, Daliya. The wasted energy of thinking of the past or worrying about the future is something I have also battled with, and I appreciate your determination and positive attitude to use these lessons as a challenge!

  3. daliyam says:

    Thank you Sean! I think, that this is the meaning of life, to live them to the fullest, with determination to be better every day!

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