week 19, Getting Over Fear!

My Hero Journey Episode 19


This week I started to live again. In two weeks I close my clinic, that was active for 22 years, and start a new chapter in my life.

As we read and learned in the course, and Haanel emphasizes again at chapter 19, the external reality is an expression of our thoughts. Thought that hosts the fear, would lead to the behavior of fear. Thought hosts a feeling of lack, would lead to a physical deficiency.

I am an Occupational Therapist, and love helping children and families, but because of being overloaded, (the need to bring money home), I became tired of working so much. I’ve found myself wanting children not come to the clinic; I wanted treatments to be canceled, so I have free time in the afternoon.

I was afraid to leave because I was afraid I would not have money. In the past my fear was even bigger. I worked a lot, I had money from salaries and private clinic work, and yet I was afraid I would not have enough money and that the way it was. I was overdrawn at the bank most of my adult life.

Recently, I felt disgust from that situation. I’m tired of that fear brings more fear, lack brings more lack, and this cycle was really hard to break.

However, I am in a long process of personal development, I am a network marketer and in this industry there is a continuous developing.

After a financial crisis last June, I decided to stop being overdrawn at the bank. I made simple actions that affect the mind, I wrote reminders on my iPhone, which say: “I am a magnet to abundance”, “I love that I have money, I am a generous, loving and giving person” , ” Thanks for all the money I received in the past , accepting at the present and will get in the future from good and happy recourses”, ” money comes to me from various good sources easily and effortlessly”, and soon I was no longer overdrawn. I started to accumulate money.

Today I can say with confidence that money comes to me, and will continue to reach me, and I do not have to work at the clinic any more. I closed it, so as not to make me and the children in my care a sense of dissatisfaction. I want to give the best, not the best I can.

Now I have a sense of relief, joy and enthusiasm to create abundance with the new company I joined a month ago. It’s one of the changes that occurred to me during the course! The previous company I worked with for five years decided to change the rules of the game, It didn’t fit us anymore, and all the network moved to another company where I have a much better position, and all that’s left is to devour the world!

Positive thoughts, thoughts of joy, happiness and wealth and personal experiences bring joy, happiness and wealth!

Now, every morning while I am walking 2 miles, I raise my hands for 5 minutes triumphantly , and call out loud: “I can be what I will to be” twenty times, and “do it now” for twenty five times. I really do not care what people think when they see and hear me. .. I invite them to do the same!

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1 Response to week 19, Getting Over Fear!

  1. cindydizio says:

    Wow!!! I am in awe of your reflections and decisions…. your actions and your plans!! You are an inspiration and are climbing the ladder so beautifully to your personal highest self!! Bravo to you!!!

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