Week 20 in my Hero Journey – Self Management

Week 20 – Thoughts about time vampires and self management

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Time flies really fast, and we have learned that time management is an important part of daily life which can be used to achieve the goals , commitments and aspirations . However, this requires forethought and planning, and is a difficult task to perform. At the MKMMA course we got to know the difficulties and the solutions. We learned an effective method for time management. Einstein argued that time is relative according to the viewer’s perspective, there is no one here who successfully can manage time, but we absolutely can manage ourselves through planning and time allocation for each activity.

Stimulation and time-consuming activities

Studies show that the average person is exposed to 60 environmental stimuli during the working day that diverting his mind, such as emails, phone calls, messages, employees etc. In addition, they found that stimulation and distractions spend about 3 hours a day.

From the moment we wake up to the moment where we come back to bed in the evening, we are exposed to a variety of stimuli. ” Time Vampires” can be: visitors; phone calls; meetings; unplanned events; partial and inaccurate information; tight schedule; unnecessary waiting for a meeting; lack of concentration; scheduling without regard to geography; Failure of delegating: “I do everything myself”; Personal disorganization; jumping from task to task ( lack of focus ); favors to others; place and environment that affect the distraction.

Dealing with time vampires

Time Vampires can be found anywhere, whether we are working with people and whether we are project managers in private. It is important to focus on important tasks, type A and B. To not be dragged into activities that are not placed first priorities, we should separate between “urgent” and “important”. We should redirect the energy by priority of value, that is, to make room for missions A and B are coming first (the important missions we want to accomplish or do on a routine basis).

There are many ways to deal with the time vampires: write the plan in the calendar with accurate time, to dare to say the word “no”, to completely understand a task before its implementation, to act according to the Prato law “80/20” – stop being a perfectionist – to act according to the formula excellence vs perfect: excellent – do 80 percent as good as possible, and get better every time. Perfect does not exist, and if we take time to reach perfection, we miss the point, and waste time, money and energy. We can use technological tools (like Task Manager sync with the mail); Devote “sacred time” to myself, my spouse, plan ahead everything. Determine in advance what I want to achieve, what goals, and put clear indicators for monitoring and examining progress. Also, we should inform those around us about managing our time, and as a result the people around us also begin to manage their time, leading to greater effectiveness.

The most powerful and most important message I took from week 20 is – that I have to manage the main things I want to accomplish. We should always keep the main thing the main thing, because the main thing is the main thing!! (Mark j).

Therefore: planning must be done in advance, every week. We should prioritize as we learned, comparing the tasks required to complete our goals.

Marking the tasks and setting them in order of importance, schedule them in the diary, and before everything, remember to schedule time with myself, with all my family members, and then, for the important tasks. Then everything can go in and easily.

When we do it right with ourselves, it multiplies in our organization. And so we are sending a message of efficiency in the business.

This is the essence of leadership .


I read something interesting about leadership, from Brian Tracy, and I want to share :

“Think about the leaders you know, who you admire, and then to think about how you could emulate their behaviors. Think about the types of leadership that you could develop. In no time at all, you will actually begin to imitate their qualities and behaviors, and become a better leader yourself.

All great leaders were at one time good followers. All great leaders at one time worked closely with other successful leaders and learned from them and emulated their behaviors. The study of great leaders of the past and present is one of the fastest and surest ways to develop leadership traits and qualities. The more you study what constitutes great leadership, the more likely you will be to internalize the same values ​​and behaviors. These values ​​and behaviors will then be externalized in your actions and in your results.

In fact, this is what we are doing in the MKMMA course. We’re picking the characteristics of effective leaders, under the guidance of those who did it and succeeded!

Thank you, the MKMMA team!

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3 Responses to Week 20 in my Hero Journey – Self Management

  1. cindydizio says:

    I see a change in you Daliya…you have grown tremendously and are applying the lessons we are learning with success!! You are grasping the truths with such understanding and…. harmony!!! Congratulations my friend!! I am so very happy for you!!!

  2. seaneagle says:

    Wow! What a great description of managing ourselves instead of trying to manage time. I especially like how you provided insight to support the idea, as well as some practical things we can do to begin better managing ourselves. A very useful and insightful article, Daliya..thank you!

  3. Fantastic post about time and our perception of how we orchestrate our day. The graph really brings clarity to the subject – thank you!

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