Week 21: Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible

Miracles are created: Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible. Frank L. Gaines.


During the course, we learn to see the invisible. This is vision that is created by imagination. We have become aware of what we want. We have invested time on making things become tangible. But always we should keep in the mind the things yet to come, knowing they’re here, in the vortex, and as we hold them longer in the mind, and live like they are here, they will come. How does it relate to doing the impossible? If I believe in something not yet here, but I know that if I thought of it I can get it, I will work myself to achieve it. I have to use second-degree tools, like Einstein said; in order to bring to my life the invisible things that the ordinary way of thinking would classify them as impossible, without a chance to happen. I’ll give an example from my personal life: On my DMP I wrote that I have a house with a garden, it has two floors. With conventional thinking tools, I cannot think I really can have a house like this, because I do not have the funds necessary to purchase a house like that, and I cannot set aside money for a house like this from my salary. These tools are for the visible way of thinking. But I’m working on seeing the invisible. I know I can get a house like that, so my actions make me search, and to find solutions easily and effortlessly. Yesterday was an apartment fair. I went with my spouse to the fair, not for buying a house, but to meet people, talk to them, and to practice of inviting to our business. Then we saw a project that was built in a beautiful area . This is a two-family  duplex, with large garden around, smart home, with storage, two parking spaces, that fits my needs and what I wrote in my DMP. It’s price slightly higher than the price of my apartment, which I can sell. I found out how I can raise the money to pay initial money needed. Next week I’m going to the sales agency, to close the deal. If I had I not seen the unseen, I would not find a way to do the impossible! The house is in construction, and occupancy is at the end of 2016. Year after what I have written in my DMP , but it fits, because I kept thinking about moving to a new house in two years and a half , which is exactly what I’ve found. My mind was tuned to two years and a half! For me – it’s a miracle. And I can’t finish before I talk about the fear… Fear of contacting candidates. Fear of doing the business. I chose to do network marketing business, it means – I have to contact people. But what am I to do if ‘m afraid? Don’t pick up the phone? It makes me feel guilty for depriving my family from what it deserves… and guilty that I have not returned debts… and angry because I did not do enough… unworthiness when I see everyone recruit to the business and I do not… So I decided that enough is enough. I’m in a development process, no matter how hard it is… I can be, do and have much more! And as I’m not quitting this course despite the difficulties ( I do not understand half of what’s written in Haanel’s book, I sit with a dictionary and translate… I do not always understand everything on the webinars…) so I’m not leaving what I’ve decided to do! The fear is there, but the hands are doing. I wrote an interesting invitation to my business, and on last Sunday (the first day after I closed my clinic), I’ve sent through Facebook invitations to several people. One of them joined me two days later. It is a great miracle for me! And when it succeeds – worthiness goes up, and enthusiasm goes up! I am a hero in my journey!


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