Week 22 a, Back to The Future

Back to the Future, With The 5 Tools of Expanding The Comfort Zone

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Why I decided to call this session “Back to The Future”?  We know that in order to know what does the future hold , we need to create it.

If we did not create the future, not planned steps forward, we live without purpose. Those who live by chance, cannot expect the fulfillment of their dreams, and the dreams remain only a fantasy.

People are afraid to dream, because they put a physical limit on the dream that is a spiritual matter. I asked people what they want more in life, and they replied limited answers, to here and now. I know they would love more, so I asked if they did not want the thing they love. The answer is yes … but it costs a lot of money. What is the connection between the dream and desire, and money! No connection. Dreaming does not cost money.

I tell this story in the context of expanding comfort zone, and with the excellent tools we met at session 22.

I’ll share what led to the rapid development that happens to me during the course, in the context of the 5 tools:

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Fear: People are afraid to dream in order not to be disappointed, and afraid to take steps towards their dream. I was always afraid of money. I was afraid I would not have it. if there was little, I was afraid that no longer will be. But fear can be reversed (in Hebrew when we read the word fear backwards, we get the opposite meaning of fear that is drive!), and the drive made ​​me want to have more, so I’ve started looking for ways to have more. Today I first determine what my dream is, and then I create ways to manifest it. That’s how I did this week a major step in my life. I found the house I have written on my DMP, and now I’m doing steps towards its purchase.

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Guilt: When I started to accumulate money, I felt guilt about having money. Guilt can make me stay in the comfort zone. In order to not feel guilty, I can once again spend all my money, and left without anything and even worse – being in debt. But I can make the guilt as a motivator. Be an observer. And while looking from the side, if I feel guilty that I have, I can gain and give. It will be for me and for others. This is what leads me to today.

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Unworthiness: This is a great gift that I received sessions 22, because I realized for the first time, that lack of self-worth comes from lack of focus. When I focused on one thing – I am becoming an expert in the field, and I attract it to my life. Self-esteem increases, due to the experience of success. Then all the other areas are also rising, with a sense of self-worth.

So, back to the compass and to the magnifying glass, and back to the future – to create what I want in my life. I chose. I am an excellent top earner network marketer.

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Hurt Feelings: Another gift from sessions 22. When I feel hurt, my ego is talking. Humility and modesty play a significant role here. When the locus of control is internal, and I am a master of my life, I do not need approval from the outside. This whole journey is a journey of growth… and I used to feel vulnerable when I wasn’t not remembered on my birthday, thought that no one would congratulate me. So I felt like a victim. Today is my birthday, and I am not concerned with this question any more, who will bless me today. First of all I bless me, God also blesses me. When we let go, we receive more!

It is important to note that those who feel vulnerability in most of the time, acting like victims and they can never win the game. They are always busy at external locus of control. Victim can not lead another victim, and certainly can not lead anyone in a higher degree of development. So this sense of vulnerability is most dangerous to us, and sticks to the comfort zone.

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Anger: The greatest gift of all, was the realization that even if I do not feel angry, still anger manages me sometimes, and contributes to staying in the comfort zone. Anger has two distinct faces, I did not know about them until the session 22. Feeling of sadness is anger! It is anger directed inward! So whenever I felt sad for the lack of achievement, (in addition to guilt … ) then I turned my anger inward.

All these components are fuel to flourish, grow and prosper. Because once we recognize the pattern, we can do the opposite! That’s the secret. Do the opposite of everything sticks and freezes us in the comfort zone.

One shell had dropped during this course. Now I’m on my way to remove next shell. Welcome TGR course, I joined this week. My DMP has changed, I’ve changed, and I’m on the diving board to the next level!

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6 Responses to Week 22 a, Back to The Future

  1. jlauden says:


    The best explanation of the use of the tools I have read yet. I can feel how it has changed you and your thought patterns.

    Kudos lady with the lovely first name.


  2. Berta says:

    Love your comment “dreaming does not cost money” Happy belated Birthday!!

  3. daliyam says:

    Thanks Berta!
    When I’ve realized that Dreaming does not cost money, they started to come true!

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