Week 24 – Journey Review

Be a Scholar and not “Maintain Your Scholarship”

What happened to me, during my heroine journey?



Internal nudge to change… a call from within… Obtain success in your life! Show your surrounding and yourself your greatness!

The announcer was David my spouse, that informed  me he had found an interesting program, called Go 90 Grow

It was my birthday. David bought me the course as a gift. I started the journey.

Six months later we received a scholarship to the amazing course called MKMMA and thus I had received mentors and helpers. The gatekeepers waited to me at the previous course that was designed to promote my business in network marketing. The minute I walked in, I experienced all the circle of challenges, “death” ,” rebirth”, and so we’ve got to week 24, that is the end of this cours, but only the beginning of the journey.

Half a year had passed! In half a year I did a long way, much more than I did in years. First there was tremendous enthusiasm. I’m going to change my life! I persevered and did everything by the book. I have read and translated into Hebrew the materials. I’ve exercises with all my might. I set myself new habits, and rested not until I’ve finished performed to last.

I paid the price. My schedule went wrong. I went to bed every day at 02:00 am to 3:00 am. I had not enough time to finish all the rituals and exercises, and maintaining my gym program …

So real race began … It was the test. My spouse David and I, we both had scholarships. David was expelled at week 9 from the course . I decided to change the schedule, take out unnecessary things from my life and continue!


I am made of winner’s material, and I refused to give up. The language was difficult.I didn’t understand the most of Haanel’s book, The Master Key. I sat with a dictionary, and every day I translated more words, to understand more.

Another test was the time difference between Hawaii and Israel. The webinars have started at 23:00 Israel time. After a day of work (in two jobs, and at 19.30 Guitar Lesson …) I would fall asleep during the webinar, and I could make time to watch the replay only on Saturday, which is our rest day. Therefore, the majority of the surveys I’ve written on weekends.

I‘ve passed all those tests and held tight to this life changing course!

I realize that I didn’t absorb much of the material, because of the language. But I’ve got so many gifts, and I want to share with you. It might make a difference to those who wish to register for the course, but are afraid of language limitations:

1. Language Constraint is not a real limitation. I’ve learned English in a way that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I’ve listened to a lot of English, I’ve written in English, and I’ve reached another level of the language proficiency.

2. The rest are excuses. We have to do the important things. One cannot achieve results from the stands. One can only have his results by playing in the field. Be a player. It’s all a game.

3. I have expanded my consciousness so that I’ve seen miracles, and this is just the beginning.

I will share some of the miracles:

a). I dared to leave the freelance jobs of HMO, providing services as an occupational therapist. The day I decided to leave, I’ve got a private patient that pays me 3 times what I’ve got as a freelance HMO’s. And I’m worth it.

b). Until now I did not dare to change residence. Now I am in the process of purchasing a home that has all the qualities that I’ve written on my DMP. Even the date of entry to the new house matches! On my DMP I’ve written -August 2015, and on the contract it’s written – November 2015 . It’s only a deviation of three months! I think it’s awesome!!

c) . I wrote on my DMP that I’m a speaker and many people come to listen to me. I’m a valued mentor: I gave two lectures so far, and I’m building a personal development course.

d). A good friend of mine came back to my life, after 21 years of separation. She is a spiritual person. Like attracts like. I’m in a spiritual growth.

e). When I’ve started the course, I was in network marketing, in dry branch, that wasn’t working , and I had to build everything myself. During the course, the company stopped working in Israel, and the network moved to another company. We learned to appreciate ourselves as an asset. Now I am a member of a team dynamic team, and evolving.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The most important in this process is perseverance, faith, and action.

Be a scholar, and NOT only maintain your scholarship.

After I came with these results, and some I’m still not releasing among acquaintances, People who know me have been looking at me in a different light. Now I come to the old world with the new knowledge, and I can apply it.

It’s time to say a big thank you to Mark Devin, Heather and the team, and to Carolinne who scared me when she wanted to take me out from the course, bacuse that I did not write this blog for two weeks.

I finished triumphantly, and I call on all those who used to get tired and give up halfway – do not leave! Continue! Cut out what is not relevant and what is not needed to thispoint of time , focus on what brings results , to be , to experience to develop and grow !

תודה עברית

Ready for a quantum leap!

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