Press Release

Meteor in Israel’s business sky

By Shai Mizrahi, Globes Magazine reporter, a leading financial magazine of Israel

An interview with the business woman, Daliya Mizrachi,

which tells how one can reach from zero to millions within five years,

For her 58th birthday.

Lady Globes 03/15/2016

We meet on the deck, at the beautiful home and tastefully decorated of Ms. Mizrachi, at Kfar-Kish. It is apparent that the design was made by an artist, with the touch to Fang-Shui. There’s a smell of steaming herbal tea, rises from the foyer.

I sit comfortably in front of the beautiful woman, that happened to be my mother, a young and vigorous lady, 58 years old. You would not guess her age. A lady, indefinite of age, looks as in the early 40’s of her life.

Mother, at the most of her life, struggled with economic situations that were not simple, but always had with the head upright and full of faith. She grew up in a family that did not believe in her, and also, no one there believed in himself. But Mom was the only one of the family members that decided to be different. She studied at the University, made her master’s degree and worked as an Occupational Therapist. After 30 years of work, she decided she’d seen enough to work in the public sector, and retired, but not before she built her own empire.

When I look around, I find it hard to believe that what Mom wrote in her notebooks and pages, happened right in front of my eyes: she built a house, with a swimming pool, built a rock garden with blooming flowers, a pond with fish among the rocks, and the most of all, her great pride – the herbs garden. My mom is a freak herbal tea and healthy food.

She maintains her own health and of others, she is exercising, running, and in between – doing business.

Mom, are you willing to release to the world a few tips, so others can get to where you are?

Shai, you may remember, when I joined Mona – Vie, What is it that you said to me the most? You said that your aunt, Mazal, told you that I won’t succeed, I’m already in Mona-vie for several months, and if I have not succeeded yet, I have to leave. Remember the answer you got from me? If I leave, how am I going to make it? Therefore, the first tip, if you request tips – is perseverance. Second thing, you must have  faith in yourself that you can. With these two no one can argue. If you keep believing and stay on the right way – you’ll make it. But there is another secret: you also need to go in the right direction. What will happen, if we persist, insist and believe in our ability, but we choose the path that will not lead us to our destination?

It is precisely the role of personal development! I did not stop even for a moment, being in self development, and keep on growing in a group of successful people, that think and do the same.

I do pause and look at my mother. She’s vital, smiling and shining, always happy. She sits in front of me erect, slender; her skin is taut, her hair tidy. The phone rings. Mom picks up the phone, on the other side speaking one of her asset managers. Just recently she started investing in real estate. “You can call in an hour? I became a celeb! My son is a senior reporter in Globes Magazine, and he’s here, surprising me with an article about my quantum success, for my birthday!”

Mother calmly is rolling millions of dollars over the phone. Buys, sells, rents, does networking. She’s a counselor, facilitator, mentor, and with all this, she finds time to volunteer, and she fulfilled, despite my will as a single child , another strong wish of hers – she and her spouse David adopted three foster children.

Mother is finishing with the phone call, and I dive again with amazement into the interview.

Mom, how it all really started?

So, it was like this: You grew up mostly at your grandmother’s, since I was a single mother, working at two jobs. I was an Occupational Therapist, working in the morning at kindergartens and schools, and in the evening took care of my private practice at home. Because of this, you had no daily schedule, and I was not available for you, as a mother. I thought I was doing the right thing, but it did not develop anywhere, every day looks just like its predecessor, the only thing that has changed – was the day on the calendar, and the little wrinkles added to my skin.

When I realized it was not what I wanted, suddenly appeared in my life the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, by Robert Kiosaky. I read it, and I was amazed. I started looking where to play the game he invented, and I found a college that plays the game and teaches courses on the subject. I became a facilitator of the game, and there I met David. We became a couple after several years. David came into our lives and brought gifts: family life, and the ability to dream and achieve!

We studied courses together, and we looked for ways to increase our capital, because we both wanted economic freedom, and we both dreamed of a private house with a view of nature, and we both wanted to make it happen.

And when there is a will, there’s a way, which appears. When I studied at Cashflow, I learned entrepreneurship, and my professor showed me the big potential in a big opportunity called Mona – Vie, in network marketing. When I heard that this is a network marketing, I balk, not wanting to join, cause I really do not think I’ll chase after people to push them any product, they would not want, and the money will go to others, and for me there will not be any money. I even heard from people that I have no chance of making money there…

I’m glad I was open enough to listen to my professor, and when I got into this business, I discovered that what I thought was wrong. Because I listened to people who could not and did not want to do it, I had a doubt. When I saw the people racing in a journey of growth and development, I knew I wanted to associate with such people. It’s been said, ” If you want to fly with the eagles , do not walk around with turkeys” …

I decided that I am an eagle, and I knew I was ready to devote all the time needed to grow and develop. I enjoyed this journey so much; I did not care if I have got promoted to the next pin level or not. I knew this was about me, my growth; and you, my boy, and the rental assets I am building for both of us; and most importantly – I prepare myself to be a smarter mother, more useful and more conducting, so I can give you the right place to start your adult life .

  • So the first tip, please highlight your readers, dear son, is – perseverance, No matter what. While developing self-confidence in motion . And with a supportive environment, you cannot fall. Supportive environment – always gives you a hand and empower you on up.
  • The second tip – Put yourself in a winning environment! Your subconscious will learn the habits of winners!
  • The third tip – keep in motion. Always do. As Nike says – JUST DO IT. The road is smarter than who walks in it. You do, and the way will become clearer in motion.
  • The forth tip – Be the change you want to see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi said . Do not look for someone else to be what you want him or her to be. First of all it’s you, then lead the others around you for their change.
  • The fifth tip – Choose Right, from the deepest layers of your soul. Ask yourself questions about directions. Meditate. Ask those around you what you are good at. Get advice only from ones who made ​​the road you’re going through and see what they say. Buy information. Make your own choice.

With a basket of these tips, people can go towards what they want, choosing from their soul, and not from the wrong reasons, which are usually – being a yes-man. If you do the things you really attached to and like them, you will have fun and give a great gift to your environment. And because gave your gifts, you will get big time.

I always knew that I am good at teaching. But as a therapist I’ve had to teach one on one. I wanted to teach a lot of people. And because my biggest challenge was economic one, I knew that the greatest gift I can give is within the challenge. When I change – I can teach that. I was selected by the universe to be a mentor for social economic and business change.

Today you can look around, son. Does anyone from your uncles would believe that your mom will have a Gyrocopter pilot’s license? Is someone around our old surrounding would believe, that your mother ever buy apartments to your three uncles, who cannot support themselves without assistance? And your mother will set up a fund that will pay for all their needs? No, of course not. Their world view is limited, and they did not agree to extend it when I gave them the opportunity. They thought I was strange.

It all starts with a decision. I decided to be different. I decided that no matter when it happens, I would fulfill my dream of financial freedom, and travel around the world as much as I want. When I was a little girl, at the third grade, I wanted to go to the North Pole, see the aurora borealis, and stay in an igloo. I was also ravished by the Amazon rainforest. Today I’m travelling anywhere I want with ease, and you know very well that I bought tickets for the trip to the northern pole also to your uncles ​​. It was fun, isn’t it so?

I look out of the window and see the black Mercedes – ML 350, recalling the impressive ceremony which I attended in last September, when Mom got the Black Diamond Pin, from Dallin Larsen, Mona-Vie founder. I was so proud of her. No doubt, my mom is very special, and there is so much to learn from her.

If I would give up, nothing would happen. All this can be possible only if you believe, adhere to, and do. And most importantly – listen to people who were already on the way and succeeded. If we listen to those who didn’t succeed, we’ll duplicate the lack of success. If we listen to those who succeeded, we’ll duplicate success.

  • So we close this interview with the sixth tip – Use your sixth sense, intuition, to know where to go and who to listen to. Og Mandino wrote in his first scroll – that nature has already supplied us with knowledge and instinct, far greater than any beast in the forest.

Always listen to the winners!

Mom finished her long speech, I was looking at her with great admiration, and remembered I was a little stingy in expressing emotions. I love her, but do not say it often … So my tip for you, My dear readers, from the second scroll of Og Mandino: greet every day with love, because love is the key to all success.

Yours, Shai Mizrahi.


3 Responses to Press Release

  1. I love your press release! You are a winner!

  2. Your press release is awesome and the knowledge and staying power you have is a fine example of never giving up on yourself !

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