Week 24 – Journey Review

Be a Scholar and not “Maintain Your Scholarship”

What happened to me, during my heroine journey?



Internal nudge to change… a call from within… Obtain success in your life! Show your surrounding and yourself your greatness!

The announcer was David my spouse, that informed  me he had found an interesting program, called Go 90 Grow

It was my birthday. David bought me the course as a gift. I started the journey.

Six months later we received a scholarship to the amazing course called MKMMA and thus I had received mentors and helpers. The gatekeepers waited to me at the previous course that was designed to promote my business in network marketing. The minute I walked in, I experienced all the circle of challenges, “death” ,” rebirth”, and so we’ve got to week 24, that is the end of this cours, but only the beginning of the journey.

Half a year had passed! In half a year I did a long way, much more than I did in years. First there was tremendous enthusiasm. I’m going to change my life! I persevered and did everything by the book. I have read and translated into Hebrew the materials. I’ve exercises with all my might. I set myself new habits, and rested not until I’ve finished performed to last.

I paid the price. My schedule went wrong. I went to bed every day at 02:00 am to 3:00 am. I had not enough time to finish all the rituals and exercises, and maintaining my gym program …

So real race began … It was the test. My spouse David and I, we both had scholarships. David was expelled at week 9 from the course . I decided to change the schedule, take out unnecessary things from my life and continue!


I am made of winner’s material, and I refused to give up. The language was difficult.I didn’t understand the most of Haanel’s book, The Master Key. I sat with a dictionary, and every day I translated more words, to understand more.

Another test was the time difference between Hawaii and Israel. The webinars have started at 23:00 Israel time. After a day of work (in two jobs, and at 19.30 Guitar Lesson …) I would fall asleep during the webinar, and I could make time to watch the replay only on Saturday, which is our rest day. Therefore, the majority of the surveys I’ve written on weekends.

I‘ve passed all those tests and held tight to this life changing course!

I realize that I didn’t absorb much of the material, because of the language. But I’ve got so many gifts, and I want to share with you. It might make a difference to those who wish to register for the course, but are afraid of language limitations:

1. Language Constraint is not a real limitation. I’ve learned English in a way that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I’ve listened to a lot of English, I’ve written in English, and I’ve reached another level of the language proficiency.

2. The rest are excuses. We have to do the important things. One cannot achieve results from the stands. One can only have his results by playing in the field. Be a player. It’s all a game.

3. I have expanded my consciousness so that I’ve seen miracles, and this is just the beginning.

I will share some of the miracles:

a). I dared to leave the freelance jobs of HMO, providing services as an occupational therapist. The day I decided to leave, I’ve got a private patient that pays me 3 times what I’ve got as a freelance HMO’s. And I’m worth it.

b). Until now I did not dare to change residence. Now I am in the process of purchasing a home that has all the qualities that I’ve written on my DMP. Even the date of entry to the new house matches! On my DMP I’ve written -August 2015, and on the contract it’s written – November 2015 . It’s only a deviation of three months! I think it’s awesome!!

c) . I wrote on my DMP that I’m a speaker and many people come to listen to me. I’m a valued mentor: I gave two lectures so far, and I’m building a personal development course.

d). A good friend of mine came back to my life, after 21 years of separation. She is a spiritual person. Like attracts like. I’m in a spiritual growth.

e). When I’ve started the course, I was in network marketing, in dry branch, that wasn’t working , and I had to build everything myself. During the course, the company stopped working in Israel, and the network moved to another company. We learned to appreciate ourselves as an asset. Now I am a member of a team dynamic team, and evolving.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The most important in this process is perseverance, faith, and action.

Be a scholar, and NOT only maintain your scholarship.

After I came with these results, and some I’m still not releasing among acquaintances, People who know me have been looking at me in a different light. Now I come to the old world with the new knowledge, and I can apply it.

It’s time to say a big thank you to Mark Devin, Heather and the team, and to Carolinne who scared me when she wanted to take me out from the course, bacuse that I did not write this blog for two weeks.

I finished triumphantly, and I call on all those who used to get tired and give up halfway – do not leave! Continue! Cut out what is not relevant and what is not needed to thispoint of time , focus on what brings results , to be , to experience to develop and grow !

תודה עברית

Ready for a quantum leap!

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Week 23 – A Discovery!

More about feelings: What can be said, we haven’t said yet?

This week, the survey encouraged me to explore my development during the course. Of course I do it all the time, but the questions asked this time caused increased introspection and reflection.

I already wrote last week, I feel like an onion, peeled his first layer. My new insight from the survey was that my Dharma is not sharp enough. I’ve changed my DMP during the course, to fit my goals. But the motive that sits at the base of the DMP needs a more precise focus. And I got a tool to refine it: I ask the Creator every morning when I get up, and every evening before sleep, what is my role on earth.

While writing this blog, I thought about the process Og Mandino went through, from that child imbued with faith and purpose, as his mother thought him, through the man that felt despair, and wanted to take his own life, till the great author he became. And all the way he did from reading the book of Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

I want to share with you another tool I found out, that wrote Anthony Robbins, relating to control of emotions. This tool isrelated to the process that we go through .


images (3)

The power of rituals

The following article is a summary of the technique from one of the best coaches in the world, Anthony Robbins.

This technique helps us to control our emotions, to make negative emotions become positive, and enjoy life more.

Our feelings are changing the frequencies of the energy that we feel, and these frequencies are the cause that triggers the law of attraction and attracts into our lives corresponding energy.

Therefore it is very important we learn to control our emotions and to have the ability to choose how we want to feel.


Our lives we are ruled by one thing only that is: our personal rituals. Og Mandino calls it habits. Those habits control our lives continuously even if we are aware of them or not.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking or saying, “I’m depressed” or “I’m nervous” and other descriptions of that style?

Is there some negative feelings you experience on a regular basis as irritability, depression or lack of motivation?

The question is: Are these emotions affect the quality of your life?

Do they affect your daily activities?

And ultimately whether they affect your life and destiny?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

What do you do daily to feel angry, depressed or unmotivated?

To feel bad you have to “work on it”, it requires an effort on your part. Things do not happen by themselves.

What is a ritual? Ceremony is the action taken by it again and again.

We are all aware of joyful ceremonies that are held every year during the holidays or family circles like birthdays, but we are not always aware of the negative internal rituals taking place inside our minds.

So what are the negative emotions that you experience on a regular basis and cause pain in your life and create limitations?

In order to experience the negative emotions on a regular basis, they have to habits.

In order to become a habit, you have developed yourself rituals of paradigms, inner speech, body language and movement that make you feel that way.

It might be you acquired these ceremonies from your “clan”, you do not belong any more. And maybe it’s time to join a stronger tribe that is people who control their lives.

download (1)

First Exercise

A). Take a sheet of paper and write on it for at least five negative feelings which you experience regularly. Feelings you have made a habit you experienced on average two or three times a week, and you can trust that they will appear again next week, for example emotions such as despair, anger, resistance, sadness, depression, disappointment…

Write them now:






In order to experience these 5 emotions, what should you do? What you do you need to believe inside you? What is the ritual?

For example: If you feel disappointed regularly, what are the rituals you do to feel disappointed?

One way to feel disappointed is to hold expectations of exactly how you want things to happen.

Then because you’ll need to deal with people related to the subject and they do not do things exactly as you expected … Does it make you feel disappointed?

Or have unrealistic expectations of how fast something should be done and find out it’s not happening as fast as expected.

All these rituals are habits you have developed that promise you to experience disappointment again and again.

In addition to the experience of disappointment you also believe you can’t change anything about it.

B). Analyze and detail any of the steps you have to go through to feel that way.

For example, if we wrote in section one emotion: Depression, then we writes something like this:

Operating instructions of how I became depressed:

1. I begin to imagine ugly pictures of the worst things that can happen in a situation in the future.

2. I start to breathe heavily, dropping the shoulders down, my walking slows.

3. My voice descending in tones and sounds lifeless, I tell myself negative sentences.

4. I feel depressed!

Look carefully at all the negative-feeling keys you noted in Section 1 and turn them to simple operating instructions, so you can understand the steps you go through in order to feel that way.

What have you learned about yourself through this observation?

Have you understood the fact, that feeling you experience cannot just show up, but must come as a result of specific steps that you perform subconsciously?

download (2)

Second Exercise

It’s great that we also have positive rituals that make us feel strong , happy and full of motivation .

Here starts the fun…

A. Take a sheet of paper and write on it for at least five positive feelings which you experience regularly at least once or twice a week, for example emotions such as hope, love, kindness, joy, confidence, gratitude, motivation, success…

Write them now:






B. Analyze and detail any of the steps you have to go through to feel that way.

Once you know the steps you can use them anytime you want to feel that way again.

Write it down as if you want to teach someone else the steps you go through in order to feel positive emotion (like a recipe).

For example: In order to feel motivated I need:

1. See positive images in my mind, possibilities to succeed, have fun, get an appreciation, make people happy, and make money…

2. My breathing is deep, I stand up straight and walk full of life.

3. My voice became higher and stronger.

4. I tell myself strengthening sentences, describe the reason that I am able to do it and how fun it is going to be…

Learn these positive behavioral patterns and insert them in your mind, to retrieve them when necessary.

Once you catch yourself experiencing negative emotion, suddenly wake up and are aware that you feel the negative ceremony carried out unconsciously.

At that moment of understanding, you can take the ceremonial recipe for creating a positive emotion and change your status to positive – whenever you want.

Once you know what makes you feel good and you’ll know why you feel bad, you can play with it and decide how you want to feel.

As you practice this, you will develop an automatic mechanism that will signal to your mind every time you performed a negative ritual so you can stop and change the process in time or turn it from negative to positive.


Reflection about Og mandino (according to session 23, and to this article)

He went through a negative loop, after all his life seemed to be unworthy.

How did this happen? He ran a negative ritual in mind:

1. He stood at the window and watched the gun.

2. He thought that the gun can be the only solution to his miserable life.

3. He saw himself shooting his head with the gun and ending his life.

4. He walked toward the store that sold the gun, certainly not with joy and high energy; he was going to end his life. But he did not dare doing this. He describes it as a lack of spine.

He turns to a library, see a book that catches his eyes. In order to change a negative feeling, one should make a physical act that breaks the pattern – he bought the book and began to read. The rest is history.

The fastest way to interrupt and break negative ceremony is to change the physiology of the body, meaning, to do something with the body. Something unusual like jumping in front of a mirror with hands up and triumphantly shouting Yesssssss!!! (I’m walking with my hands up and thumbs pointed, as we saw in one of the videos, and shout in the streets “I can be what I will to be! ” ) . The brain doesn’t understand what is happening. It makes no sense that a person who felt depressed jumps and shouts encouraging statements. Then the mind will have to change the feeling to matches the behavior.

I became more creative and break the rituals and negative patterns with the tools that I learned in this course.

I recommend!

Peace be the journey!

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Week 22 a, Back to The Future

Back to the Future, With The 5 Tools of Expanding The Comfort Zone

images (1)

Why I decided to call this session “Back to The Future”?  We know that in order to know what does the future hold , we need to create it.

If we did not create the future, not planned steps forward, we live without purpose. Those who live by chance, cannot expect the fulfillment of their dreams, and the dreams remain only a fantasy.

People are afraid to dream, because they put a physical limit on the dream that is a spiritual matter. I asked people what they want more in life, and they replied limited answers, to here and now. I know they would love more, so I asked if they did not want the thing they love. The answer is yes … but it costs a lot of money. What is the connection between the dream and desire, and money! No connection. Dreaming does not cost money.

I tell this story in the context of expanding comfort zone, and with the excellent tools we met at session 22.

I’ll share what led to the rapid development that happens to me during the course, in the context of the 5 tools:

download (1)

Fear: People are afraid to dream in order not to be disappointed, and afraid to take steps towards their dream. I was always afraid of money. I was afraid I would not have it. if there was little, I was afraid that no longer will be. But fear can be reversed (in Hebrew when we read the word fear backwards, we get the opposite meaning of fear that is drive!), and the drive made ​​me want to have more, so I’ve started looking for ways to have more. Today I first determine what my dream is, and then I create ways to manifest it. That’s how I did this week a major step in my life. I found the house I have written on my DMP, and now I’m doing steps towards its purchase.

images (2)

Guilt: When I started to accumulate money, I felt guilt about having money. Guilt can make me stay in the comfort zone. In order to not feel guilty, I can once again spend all my money, and left without anything and even worse – being in debt. But I can make the guilt as a motivator. Be an observer. And while looking from the side, if I feel guilty that I have, I can gain and give. It will be for me and for others. This is what leads me to today.

images (5)

Unworthiness: This is a great gift that I received sessions 22, because I realized for the first time, that lack of self-worth comes from lack of focus. When I focused on one thing – I am becoming an expert in the field, and I attract it to my life. Self-esteem increases, due to the experience of success. Then all the other areas are also rising, with a sense of self-worth.

So, back to the compass and to the magnifying glass, and back to the future – to create what I want in my life. I chose. I am an excellent top earner network marketer.

images (6)

Hurt Feelings: Another gift from sessions 22. When I feel hurt, my ego is talking. Humility and modesty play a significant role here. When the locus of control is internal, and I am a master of my life, I do not need approval from the outside. This whole journey is a journey of growth… and I used to feel vulnerable when I wasn’t not remembered on my birthday, thought that no one would congratulate me. So I felt like a victim. Today is my birthday, and I am not concerned with this question any more, who will bless me today. First of all I bless me, God also blesses me. When we let go, we receive more!

It is important to note that those who feel vulnerability in most of the time, acting like victims and they can never win the game. They are always busy at external locus of control. Victim can not lead another victim, and certainly can not lead anyone in a higher degree of development. So this sense of vulnerability is most dangerous to us, and sticks to the comfort zone.

images (9)

Anger: The greatest gift of all, was the realization that even if I do not feel angry, still anger manages me sometimes, and contributes to staying in the comfort zone. Anger has two distinct faces, I did not know about them until the session 22. Feeling of sadness is anger! It is anger directed inward! So whenever I felt sad for the lack of achievement, (in addition to guilt … ) then I turned my anger inward.

All these components are fuel to flourish, grow and prosper. Because once we recognize the pattern, we can do the opposite! That’s the secret. Do the opposite of everything sticks and freezes us in the comfort zone.

One shell had dropped during this course. Now I’m on my way to remove next shell. Welcome TGR course, I joined this week. My DMP has changed, I’ve changed, and I’m on the diving board to the next level!

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Week 22 – controlling emotions

Week 22 controlling emotions

This week we’ve started to read Og Mandino’s sixth scroll. The scroll gives us the solution to all existing procrastination and excuses for not doing.

Our feelings exist. Just as there are natural cycles: tides, bloom and go and back again, so we feel good and then something will make us feel the opposite. If we are driven by external locus of control, we will be subjected to mood, we won’t be able to control the mood and therefore we won’t control our actions and productivity. We won’t be effective. We won’t be able to use the 7 types of thinking effectively, because we’re busy being a victim.

However, if we are driven by internal locus of control, we understand that we master our destiny; we are responsible for 100 % to everything that happens in our lives, and therefore, no excuses!

I write this blog a day later them it should be, and blog of week 21- I write week later then it should be. So yes, I have many reasons, nice excuses. Suppose that I didn’t feel good, I had flu. Og Mondino says in the 6th scroll: “If I feel sick – I’ll double my work.” That is, the subconscious is doing what we want. And apparently I needed to be sick. But I ran the wrong way, and instead of working double – I gave up. Thus I lost my access to the back office of the course. No excuses, there are solutions.

If we let our emotions lead us, we won’t get far. We all feel fear, guilt, anger, vulnerability, worthlessness from time to time, and all kinds of excuses that keep us in our comfort zone. We already know that the inner world is reflected in the outside world . Fear will bring more fear; guilt will lead to more guilt.


Og Mandino gave us a great tool for getting out of the comfort zone, or rather – expand it , by actions contrary to feeling that sticking us to the groung . Then we can decide on our actions. Actions are those that bring results. Our blue-Print changes constantly by all actions we persist in doing the course.

Therefore, if we act according to the advice of Og Mandino, we can win the game:

• If I feel depressed, I will sing.

• If I feel sad, I will laugh.

• If I feel ill , I will double my labor .

• If I feel fear, I will plunge ahead.

• If I feel inferior, I will wear new garments.

• If I feel uncertain, I will raise my voice.

• If I feel poverty, I will think of wealth to come.

• If I feel incompetent, I will remember past success.

• If I feel insignificant, I will remember my goals.

Today I will be master of my emotions.


On the other hand – we have to keep a balance, so :

• If I become overconfident, I will recall my failures.

• If I overindulge, I will think of past hungers.

• If I feel complacency, I will remember my competition.

• If I enjoy moments of greatness, I will remember moments of shame.

• If I feel all-powerful, I will try to stop the wind.

• If I attain great wealth, I will remember one unfed mouth.

• If I become overly proud, I will remember a moment of weakness.

• If I feel my skill is unmatched, I will look at the stars.


I will control my feelings , I’ll be their master , and act as a conductor : winners never leaving , always end up winning the race , winners continue forward despite the fear ! I’m winning!


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Week 21: Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible

Miracles are created: Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible. Frank L. Gaines.


During the course, we learn to see the invisible. This is vision that is created by imagination. We have become aware of what we want. We have invested time on making things become tangible. But always we should keep in the mind the things yet to come, knowing they’re here, in the vortex, and as we hold them longer in the mind, and live like they are here, they will come. How does it relate to doing the impossible? If I believe in something not yet here, but I know that if I thought of it I can get it, I will work myself to achieve it. I have to use second-degree tools, like Einstein said; in order to bring to my life the invisible things that the ordinary way of thinking would classify them as impossible, without a chance to happen. I’ll give an example from my personal life: On my DMP I wrote that I have a house with a garden, it has two floors. With conventional thinking tools, I cannot think I really can have a house like this, because I do not have the funds necessary to purchase a house like that, and I cannot set aside money for a house like this from my salary. These tools are for the visible way of thinking. But I’m working on seeing the invisible. I know I can get a house like that, so my actions make me search, and to find solutions easily and effortlessly. Yesterday was an apartment fair. I went with my spouse to the fair, not for buying a house, but to meet people, talk to them, and to practice of inviting to our business. Then we saw a project that was built in a beautiful area . This is a two-family  duplex, with large garden around, smart home, with storage, two parking spaces, that fits my needs and what I wrote in my DMP. It’s price slightly higher than the price of my apartment, which I can sell. I found out how I can raise the money to pay initial money needed. Next week I’m going to the sales agency, to close the deal. If I had I not seen the unseen, I would not find a way to do the impossible! The house is in construction, and occupancy is at the end of 2016. Year after what I have written in my DMP , but it fits, because I kept thinking about moving to a new house in two years and a half , which is exactly what I’ve found. My mind was tuned to two years and a half! For me – it’s a miracle. And I can’t finish before I talk about the fear… Fear of contacting candidates. Fear of doing the business. I chose to do network marketing business, it means – I have to contact people. But what am I to do if ‘m afraid? Don’t pick up the phone? It makes me feel guilty for depriving my family from what it deserves… and guilty that I have not returned debts… and angry because I did not do enough… unworthiness when I see everyone recruit to the business and I do not… So I decided that enough is enough. I’m in a development process, no matter how hard it is… I can be, do and have much more! And as I’m not quitting this course despite the difficulties ( I do not understand half of what’s written in Haanel’s book, I sit with a dictionary and translate… I do not always understand everything on the webinars…) so I’m not leaving what I’ve decided to do! The fear is there, but the hands are doing. I wrote an interesting invitation to my business, and on last Sunday (the first day after I closed my clinic), I’ve sent through Facebook invitations to several people. One of them joined me two days later. It is a great miracle for me! And when it succeeds – worthiness goes up, and enthusiasm goes up! I am a hero in my journey!


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Week 20 in my Hero Journey – Self Management

Week 20 – Thoughts about time vampires and self management

2014-02-22 14.48.06

Time flies really fast, and we have learned that time management is an important part of daily life which can be used to achieve the goals , commitments and aspirations . However, this requires forethought and planning, and is a difficult task to perform. At the MKMMA course we got to know the difficulties and the solutions. We learned an effective method for time management. Einstein argued that time is relative according to the viewer’s perspective, there is no one here who successfully can manage time, but we absolutely can manage ourselves through planning and time allocation for each activity.

Stimulation and time-consuming activities

Studies show that the average person is exposed to 60 environmental stimuli during the working day that diverting his mind, such as emails, phone calls, messages, employees etc. In addition, they found that stimulation and distractions spend about 3 hours a day.

From the moment we wake up to the moment where we come back to bed in the evening, we are exposed to a variety of stimuli. ” Time Vampires” can be: visitors; phone calls; meetings; unplanned events; partial and inaccurate information; tight schedule; unnecessary waiting for a meeting; lack of concentration; scheduling without regard to geography; Failure of delegating: “I do everything myself”; Personal disorganization; jumping from task to task ( lack of focus ); favors to others; place and environment that affect the distraction.

Dealing with time vampires

Time Vampires can be found anywhere, whether we are working with people and whether we are project managers in private. It is important to focus on important tasks, type A and B. To not be dragged into activities that are not placed first priorities, we should separate between “urgent” and “important”. We should redirect the energy by priority of value, that is, to make room for missions A and B are coming first (the important missions we want to accomplish or do on a routine basis).

There are many ways to deal with the time vampires: write the plan in the calendar with accurate time, to dare to say the word “no”, to completely understand a task before its implementation, to act according to the Prato law “80/20” – stop being a perfectionist – to act according to the formula excellence vs perfect: excellent – do 80 percent as good as possible, and get better every time. Perfect does not exist, and if we take time to reach perfection, we miss the point, and waste time, money and energy. We can use technological tools (like Task Manager sync with the mail); Devote “sacred time” to myself, my spouse, plan ahead everything. Determine in advance what I want to achieve, what goals, and put clear indicators for monitoring and examining progress. Also, we should inform those around us about managing our time, and as a result the people around us also begin to manage their time, leading to greater effectiveness.

The most powerful and most important message I took from week 20 is – that I have to manage the main things I want to accomplish. We should always keep the main thing the main thing, because the main thing is the main thing!! (Mark j).

Therefore: planning must be done in advance, every week. We should prioritize as we learned, comparing the tasks required to complete our goals.

Marking the tasks and setting them in order of importance, schedule them in the diary, and before everything, remember to schedule time with myself, with all my family members, and then, for the important tasks. Then everything can go in and easily.

When we do it right with ourselves, it multiplies in our organization. And so we are sending a message of efficiency in the business.

This is the essence of leadership .


I read something interesting about leadership, from Brian Tracy, and I want to share :

“Think about the leaders you know, who you admire, and then to think about how you could emulate their behaviors. Think about the types of leadership that you could develop. In no time at all, you will actually begin to imitate their qualities and behaviors, and become a better leader yourself.

All great leaders were at one time good followers. All great leaders at one time worked closely with other successful leaders and learned from them and emulated their behaviors. The study of great leaders of the past and present is one of the fastest and surest ways to develop leadership traits and qualities. The more you study what constitutes great leadership, the more likely you will be to internalize the same values ​​and behaviors. These values ​​and behaviors will then be externalized in your actions and in your results.

In fact, this is what we are doing in the MKMMA course. We’re picking the characteristics of effective leaders, under the guidance of those who did it and succeeded!

Thank you, the MKMMA team!

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week 19, Getting Over Fear!

My Hero Journey Episode 19


This week I started to live again. In two weeks I close my clinic, that was active for 22 years, and start a new chapter in my life.

As we read and learned in the course, and Haanel emphasizes again at chapter 19, the external reality is an expression of our thoughts. Thought that hosts the fear, would lead to the behavior of fear. Thought hosts a feeling of lack, would lead to a physical deficiency.

I am an Occupational Therapist, and love helping children and families, but because of being overloaded, (the need to bring money home), I became tired of working so much. I’ve found myself wanting children not come to the clinic; I wanted treatments to be canceled, so I have free time in the afternoon.

I was afraid to leave because I was afraid I would not have money. In the past my fear was even bigger. I worked a lot, I had money from salaries and private clinic work, and yet I was afraid I would not have enough money and that the way it was. I was overdrawn at the bank most of my adult life.

Recently, I felt disgust from that situation. I’m tired of that fear brings more fear, lack brings more lack, and this cycle was really hard to break.

However, I am in a long process of personal development, I am a network marketer and in this industry there is a continuous developing.

After a financial crisis last June, I decided to stop being overdrawn at the bank. I made simple actions that affect the mind, I wrote reminders on my iPhone, which say: “I am a magnet to abundance”, “I love that I have money, I am a generous, loving and giving person” , ” Thanks for all the money I received in the past , accepting at the present and will get in the future from good and happy recourses”, ” money comes to me from various good sources easily and effortlessly”, and soon I was no longer overdrawn. I started to accumulate money.

Today I can say with confidence that money comes to me, and will continue to reach me, and I do not have to work at the clinic any more. I closed it, so as not to make me and the children in my care a sense of dissatisfaction. I want to give the best, not the best I can.

Now I have a sense of relief, joy and enthusiasm to create abundance with the new company I joined a month ago. It’s one of the changes that occurred to me during the course! The previous company I worked with for five years decided to change the rules of the game, It didn’t fit us anymore, and all the network moved to another company where I have a much better position, and all that’s left is to devour the world!

Positive thoughts, thoughts of joy, happiness and wealth and personal experiences bring joy, happiness and wealth!

Now, every morning while I am walking 2 miles, I raise my hands for 5 minutes triumphantly , and call out loud: “I can be what I will to be” twenty times, and “do it now” for twenty five times. I really do not care what people think when they see and hear me. .. I invite them to do the same!

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